About tantric massage

  In Tantra massage session, we work with gentle touch and humans energy aiming to reestablish your energetical centres called chakras and to let kundalini energy to flow. Tantric massage process has powerful healing effect towards to sexual blockage and trauma. Nevertheless please keep in mind that Tantric massage is solely a form of healing with the aim to equalize your energy, so you will be able to get better in your psychical and physical issues. Our attitude towards tantric massage is solely for the purpose of healing. We never pass professional border and always stay focused to help you.

  Since your intentions towards tantric massage session are to meet your needs of healing and personal growth, we will invite you into our sacred healing space. We do care about making our studio warm, calming, safe and welcoming space where you wil receive a station for awakening energies, healing wounds and possibility for your soul to take a spiritual progress. Each personality is unique and each massage session has its own specific process.

  Excitement itself is not something to be reached superficially; it is a process, a way and effort to accept who you already are. You can experience a deep journey to your most authentic self. It all begins and ends with you…

  By giving ourselves a proper care through relaxation techniques such as tantric massage, we can experience more of the potencial which is stored in us and ready to enjoy. The body, mind, breath, senses and heart are ready to be observed and enjoyed to its full potential. The potential is limitless.



















Om tantrisk massasje