Velvet Tantra | Professional tantric massages in Oslo

  Humans goal is to experience life! We are here to feel and to be passionate. We are here to progress. Many times we experience pain, harmful and intense situations and these can cause to have spiritual, emotional and also physical wounds. Everyone of us have a power to heal. Healing is an original humans nature and no one can brake it. So heal, progress, expand!

  Tantric massage is a healing process which brings you into deep relax. The same attention is given to each part of your body. Tantric massage can transform your perception of sexuality. Tantric massage is ideal conbination of Tantric, Ayurvedic and Taoist techniques through which you'll be able to experience an unknown.

‎  We aim to assist the beings with bringing passion & feeling into their lifes by creating the balance between spiritual & physical.  We guide people into progress towards their greatest potential and help them accept who they truly are.

Saura - Tantrisk massasje Oslo
Studio - Tantrisk massasje Oslo
Studio - Tantrisk massasje Oslo